How can I apply?

We are accepting Letters of Interest (LOI) (Date TBD) via our online platform. You can visit us at (Website TDB) o read more about the application process. We also recommend signing up for our newsletter to stay informed about application deadlines and important dates. Our newsletter sign-up can be found (at the bottom of our?) homepage.

What types of projects
or events is OPEN most likely to support?

We are interested in projects and events that bring all parts of the community closer together and bridge racial, socioeconomic and cultural gaps. he preliminary questions found on our LOI application are asked so that applicants think more critically about what their projects bring to the community on many different levels. Please answer questions to the best of your ability and we'll inform you if we need any further clarification.

How and when are
funds distributed?

Grants are awarded in (Date TBD). Depending on applicant’s budget breakdown or award amount the grants may be distributed in full or in monthly installments. Each fund distribution plan varies but the initial payment will be made available in (Date TBD).