OPEN Updates for May

54 Noll Community Murals In Full Swing

OPEN has selected some very talented local artists to create the murals in the publicly visible spaces of 54 Noll:

Meet The Muralists (from left): Rah Crawford, Ellie Balk, Gera Lanzo and Flako Jimenez

Meet The Muralists (from left): Rah Crawford, Ellie Balk, Gera Lanzo and Flako Jimenez

· Gera Lanzo in collaboration with Modesto “Flako” Jimenez

· Rah Crawford

· Ellie Balk

Gera and Flako prepared 3 designs that were voted on by the local community at our "Meet the Muralist" event last weekend; the winner is a beautiful design that captures the hopes for the future of the Bushwick community.

Rah Crawford has created an alluring design that expresses the unity of the Bushwick community, called “We Are Golden – Somos Oro”.

Ellie Balk depicts a map of Bushwick in her eye-catching abstract design, while the choice of colors thoughtfully emphasizes the complex emotions associated with the place people call home.

Each artist will begin work this week to ensure the murals will be completed for the development opening at the end of June. Once it opens, the public can view the murals from the comfort of the community green and retail spaces.

OPEN Hosts Successful Community Events in May

As part of the mural production, events are being held to engage the local community in the process, in the mural designs, and with the artists.  The “Meet the Muralist” event was held at the Bushwick Public Library on May 19th, where the muralists presented their designs and talked about their involvement with the Denizen project, their passion for their art, and other work in the community. The attendees had the chance to vote on Gera and Flako’s designs; the winner will be installed at the Denizen development.

On May 20th, OPEN sponsored an interactive performance art event at the BogArt Studios in Bushwick. The Color of Emotions was facilitated by Ellie Balk (a Denizen muralist) in collaboration with Barcelona photographer Olga de la Iglesia and Paris filmmaker Anna Senno. Participants wore white clothing and, using their bodies as canvas, painted themselves with the colors from Ellie's Denizen mural, each of which represented a specific emotion. The participants were then interviewed about their self-painting process, and the footage will be used in a documentary that will be released at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo!

Color of Emotions 3.jpg
Color of Emotions 8.jpg

Grant Program Moving Forward

We have received the proposal submissions for the 2018 Grant Program.  The winners will be selected in mid-June and notified by the end of the month.