Participating OPEN communities currently include Bushwick and Williamsburg. Each calendar year, nonprofit organizations serving one of the aforementioned neighborhoods have the opportunity to apply for an ODA grant at an open call. In addition to the proposal options highlighted in the four categories listed below, all projects and/or programming must incorporate public and/or community spaces in the neighborhood. This criteria ensures a means of bringing the community closer together and increasing the likelihood of participation among diverse residents. All projects must have a collaborative component that heavily incorporates community members, allowing them to engage in the creative processes.

Proposals we will consider must fall under one of the following four project categories:    

Public Art — Art in any medium that can be presented or staged in public, usually located outdoors and accessible to all audiences (e.g. sculptures, murals, exhibitions, public theater/dance exhibitions, video installations, etc.)

Media & Technology — Projects that explore the novel use of data, media, and technology to inform participants, with a focus on collecting and sharing information to improve communities (e.g. digital literacy programs, technology for community advancement, public computer centers, neighborhood wayfinding, digital workshops, screenings, festivals, etc.)

Community Green Space — Projects that incorporate innovative agricultural methods and techniques to educate and engage the community and create/improve neighborhood green spaces (e.g. community gardening, agriculture training, micro-gardening, farmers markets, etc.)

Design & Architecture — Urban design/planning and architecture projects that are inclusive, promote social interactions and neighborhood gatherings, and improve the livelihood of the community (e.g. community & urban design education, green & sustainable building, local marketplaces, interactive pavilions, parks and recreation projects, etc.)



January 15, 2018: Deadline to submit Letters of Interest (LOI)

March 1, 2018: Request for Proposal (RFP) sent to qualified applicants

TBD: OPEN RFP Info Session

May 1, 2018: Deadline to submit final proposal

June 2018: Applicant interviews with Executive Director & Grant Review Panel

July 2, 2018: Finalists notified

July 2018: Finalists interview with the Board of Directors

August 1, 2018: Applicants notified of their status

September 2018: Grantee Awards Reception and Grants Released

*The dates may be subject to change under certain circumstances. All applicants will be notified if any date changes occur.  


This round of applications is closed.  We will have another call for applications later in the year. 


Qualified appilcants can use this link to submit final RFP